Pitti Immagine Uomo is a world famous luxury menswear trade fair which was launched in Florence, Italy. Pitti Immagine organizes international fairs and promotional events in all areas of fashion. The goal is to select and present high quality products, the most innovative styles and highlight their cultural and social relevance as well as their research content. Verily, it is a visual spectacle where creative thought is met with the reality of consumer needs which translates into sales revenue. The company’s origins date back to the early 1950s and the first fashion shows were  staged in the Sala Bianca in Palazzo Pitti, Florence. The next step was the creation of the Centro di Firenze per la Moda Italiana (1954), which has grown into the holding company of a highly diversified  group – that includes Pitti Immagine – that works to support the Italian fashion system. Pitti Immagine events are centered in the Fortezza da Basso, a Renaissance era military complex that comprises structures built from the eighteenth century to the present; and facilities outside the fortress walls: the former customs house – Dogana on Via Valfonda, the nineteenth century Villa Vittoria and the late twentieth century Palazzo degli Affari.

Each season, the trade fair dedicates itself to menswear and contemporary lifestyles. This season, the fair was held on Tuesday, June 12th - Friday, June 15thWhat I find about the event is (fashion changes slightly from season to season) that it showcases creating newness and vitality to intrigue and entice buyers, journalists as well as influencers. This years edition boasts 1,240 brands (561 of which hail from abroad)- roughly 45 percent. In a word, it is a menswear apparel trade fair that cultivates taste and passion that rewards brands who know how to make hand skills flourish and essentially that aide in the development of modern day menswear with the foundation of heritage. This season there was an abundant focus on venues that emphasize research within the menswear market as well as brands that are heavily geared towards the future of fashion!

At this time I will attempt to be as straightforward as possible as the Pitti has an enormous amount of information to filter and my job is to keep your attention focused- by keeping the information concise and compartmentalized as possible. As I attended the Pitti 94 a few weeks back, I instantaneously realized that the  apparel vendors of the modern age, were interpreting the need of the outside world of consumers. Concisely, redefining lifestyle concepts linked to modernity. In the past, for one to learn a craft, Italy had what was named "la Bottega" which was an artisans workshop. Today, however, these fine crafts are rooted in ancient traditions, craftsmanship has been updated at the speed of light with innovations geared for the future. The new generation of Italian manufacturing specializes in continuing these traditions of superior craftsmanship that has generously Made in Italy the most respected luxury label worldwide. These days, we hear the press speak about globalists and their push forward. Might I permit myself to mention to you that the fashion business has been operating as globalists prior to most business sectors. At this very moment in time, we are witnessing the rise of creative talent from Northern Europe not to mention the creative scene from Eastern Europe with futuristic designs. Furthermore, we can not overlook the excellence of the lineup of new classic labels and brands relaunching present day sportswear.