An ancient and sophisticated village overlooking a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčindescribable beauty: this is Portofino, an Italian gem long-frequented by prominent personalities from the worlds of entertainment, culture and finance. 
The brightly-colored houses are stacked one close to the other, as though they were the tiles in a precious mosaic; they rest at the foot of the promontory  and plunged in lush vegetation. The famous "Piazzetta" nestles in a small nook along the coast: the heart of fashionable Portofino, it overlooks the picturesque harbor, populated by small fishing boats and luxurious yachts. The sea surrounding the promontory is a marine protected area, established to protect the rarities and riches of the seabed, populated by sea fans, sponges, corals, seagrass meadows, and the precious red coral. The irregular shape of the seafloor is home to diverse microenvironments, each of them hiding away hundreds of animal and plant species. Finally, a statue of Jesus Christ - the Christ of the Abysses - is positioned in the depths of San Fruttuoso Bay.